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РайонОбщий район
ОрганизацияДжокер Дистрибьюшен

Анна (англ. Anne) — связной в Общем районе. Один из продавцов Магазина Джокера.

Она торгует легендарным оружием из ящиков за талоны Джокера. Оружие арендуется на 7 дней, при каждой покупке есть 5% шанс получить перманентную версию. Даже если рандом будет не на вашей стороне, на 20-ю покупку вы гарантировано получите перманентную версию оружия


"So, where do you see yourself in 5 years' time?" Performing corporate espionage for the good of the human race was definitely not what came to mind initially. Anne wanted to keep it simple. She had acquaintances, hobbies, her cat Clawdia and a stable income. But if you knew a potential epidemic threat was looming on the horizon and no-one would see it coming, what would you do?

Anne's 8th Birthday paved the road that she would travel - her first computer. Her Grandmother was a bit of a dreamer but felt that this gift would be a sufficient "nudge" to let her granddaughter thrive. Anne couldn't stop smiling during that year's trip to her Grandmother's hometown in Okinawa. Coding and scripting became her first major hobbies through her school years, with Clawdia looking on and occasionally using the keyboard as a make-shift bed, much to Anne's frustration. Her time at Prentiss wasn't the smoothest, but she had ways of exposing people. She had a knack for gathering information left clumsily in her college's network where anyone could find it… well, anyone who knew how. at any rate. Information is the best ammunition, and Anne always had one in the chamber. This obviously didn't sit well with her tutors, but despite almost being expelled 5 times, Anne walked away with a degree in Computer Science.

Anne's confidence was cut down quickly by the ever- growing civil problems in San Paro. You couldn't walk down the street without accidentally looking at someone funny and possibly being at the wrong end of a gun barrel. Thankfully, Anne's arsenal was far more powerful and didn't require her to leave her room.

The CSA definitely didn't make matters better. But it allowed her to alter some official records and get some crazies in her neighbourhood locked up. Her family's safety came first. It only took a couple of break-ins to "secure" govemment networks before a familiar face from Prentiss bashed the door down to her Parents' house. Instead of her usually friendly smile, Lynette's expression was as hard as her handcuffs.

The months spent in jail taught Anne one thing: Look out for yourself. Her parents forced her to move out the moment she was back in society, leaving only her clothes, computer and Clawdia with her. However, a rather interesting e-mail popped into her inbox from RedHill not too long after offering a job interview for a "Research & Development" position.

"Miss Partridge? We're ready for you now. " The boss happened to be on a "Company Retreat" at the time, so a man named Riddle with no job title took the interview. It was full of the usual questions, and Anne started to dread the eventual discussion about her past.

"So, where do you see yourself in 5 years' time?" That was simple. Be at the technological forefront, providing her team with the tools to inspire services and products that would help shape San Paro for the better. A bit of a pipe dream, perhaps, but a good first impression is always important.

Several weeks of silence gave Anne time to do a bit of "Research & Development" of her own. There were a few unsavoury rumblings, but all bright lights have their shadows and the hefty offer that let her move out of the dank, 1 room flat she was renting out of the Jagalchi Estate did much to sooth her concerns. She found herself moving to a company owned accommodation.

Her first day at the institute was an alien experience wrapped in a pristine, soundproof office. It soon became clear that her job role was going to be significantly different from her 5-year plan. A brief talk with some "suits" revealed that they wanted her to gather as much intel as possible on the competition: Joker Gunworks, Stabba, and several major companies fighting for the top. But a job was a job, so Anne started cracking.

But time went by, and her work wasn't recognized. Anne knew she was partially responsible for that new "Homeland Defence" division they were building at RedHill, but "promotion" might as well have been in a foreign language as far as the company was concerned. It seemed as if she didn't even exist, save for a few employees that bothered to have a chat with her during lunch break.

After months of silence and no recognition, she was finally given another task: Help "convince" the City Council that RedHill's new trial vaccine was nearly identical to the previous vaccines distributed to the San Paro populace to combat a mysterious flu. Highly illegal, of course, but she wasn't a stranger to this kind of work. A few compromising e- emails and a bit of blackmail later and her work was done.

But Anne and her cat had the same vice - curiosity. She was A entitled to know more, right? When Anne went digging, she uncovered more than she bargained for and got a forceful reminder that criminals can also wear expensive suits and afford fancy establishments. It was time to look out for number one. She was in too deep. Exposing this might save the city, but it would certainly save herself. With blueprints and documents in hand, along with another vaccine she gathered as a bargaining chip, Anne took an extended vacation away from San Paro.

Before she even came back to the bullet-riddled city, Anne knew she'd lost her job. Amongst the eviction notices and other messages left in her letterbox, a black envelope, fastened with red ribbon and a familiar stylized jester caught her eye.

"Dear Miss Partridge, Joker Gunworks would like to extend an invitation to be interviewed for a position under our employ. Details pertaining to the role will be provided upon acceptance. We hope to see you soon. "

With the results of her previous interview still fresh in her mind, could she just jump right back in? Well, a girls gotta eat.

Upon arrival, another forgettable manager with no exact title was ready to ask her an all too familiar question:

"So, where do you see yourself in 5 years' time?"


Иконка Название Стоимость
N-TEC 7 Compact 'New Glory'
N-TEC 7 Compact 'New Glory' J2500
N-TEC 7 «Медведь»
N-TEC 7 «Медведь» J2500
AAEPD «Вулкан JC»
AAEPD «Вулкан JC» J2500
N-HVR 243 "Уточка"
N-HVR 243 "Уточка" J2500
"Колби" M-1922 "Чернобыль"
"Колби" M-1922 "Чернобыль" J2500
OCA Nano
OCA Nano J2500
N-HVR 243 "Жнец"
N-HVR 243 "Жнец" J2500
NCR-762 "Анубис"
NCR-762 "Анубис" J2500
"Колби" Командор
"Колби" Командор J2500
NFAS-12 (XL)
NFAS-12 (XL) J2500
FFA "Челюсти" J2500
Обейя CAP40 "Сержант"
Обейя CAP40 "Сержант" J2500
OCSP "Команданте" (трефы)
OCSP "Команданте" (трефы) J2500
OCSP "Команданте" (пики)
OCSP "Команданте" (пики) J2500
OCSP "Команданте" (бубны)
OCSP "Команданте" (бубны) J2500
OCSP "Команданте" (червы)
OCSP "Команданте" (червы) J2500
Фейерверкер J2500
VBR "Охотница"
VBR "Охотница" J2500
DOW «Грохот»
DOW «Грохот» J2500
ГРОБ "Мощный удар"
ГРОБ "Мощный удар" J2500
ГРОБ "Обратный удар"
ГРОБ "Обратный удар" J2500
ГРОБ "Молот"
ГРОБ "Молот" J2500
UL-3 "Джерсийский дьявол"
UL-3 "Джерсийский дьявол" J2500
UL-3 "Кровавая Мэри"
UL-3 "Кровавая Мэри" J2500
UL-3 "Автостоп"
UL-3 "Автостоп" J2500
Раптор 45 "Кондор"
Раптор 45 "Кондор" J2500
AMG-556 "Медуза"
AMG-556 "Медуза" J2500
Канадец SF9 "Юкон"
Канадец SF9 "Юкон" J2500
Showstopper 'Thunder'
Showstopper 'Thunder' J2500
RHD LS1 'Corsair'
RHD LS1 'Corsair' J2500