Lawrence Holland

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Lawrence Holland
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Lawrence Holland — связной.


A San Parian by birth, Lawrence belongs the city's patrician class, those oldest of Old Money families who have lent their names to some of the city's grandest boulevards and public buildings. Members of the Holland family have always followed a tradition of high-minded noblesse oblige and gone into public service - the grubby business of making money has never been of much interest to a Holland, not when they've always been able to rely on the comforts of a vast family fortune with its roots in 17th century mercantile shipping - and Lawrence Holland was no exception. Politics - there have been four mayors of San Paro, two state governors and one defeated national presidential candidate all bearing the Holland name - the law and the board of trustees of some of the city's and country's most notable public institutions have always been traditionally safe and respectable Holland roosting places, but Lawrence chose a different path.

Ostensibly, he was part of the federal government's diplomatic service, but - unlike many other Hollands before him - his name would never appear on any roll call of attaches, consuls or ambassadors, and his face was completely unknown among the constant round of embassy receptions and diplomatic parties in the nation's capital. In reality, Lawrence Holland was a spymaster, a specialist in black bag operations and one of this shadow world's wiliest backroom manipulators. For over forty years he served his country faithfully, and always from behind the scenes. He's given orders that sent men to their deaths, knowing all the time that the country they serve would never be able to acknowledge their sacrifice or even the existence of the secret wars they took part in. Armed conflicts have been waged on his recommendation more than once, while at least of the nation's heads of state would later regret taking overseas military action against that same recommendation.

Now, after those forty years, he's stepping down from his post as uncrowned head of the nation's intelligence services. He receives no Presidential medals or official honours and commendations, but nor would he want them. His reward for his service to his country is knowing that much of the world is the way it is today thanks to him. Looking at the state of that world, it is not a particularly comforting thought.

He returns home to San Paro as the old warhorse being put out to pasture and joins what appears to be a tech startup in the industrial district of Red Hill. It's a surprise to many, he had been quietly expected to take up a post on the board of trustees of John Holland University, originally founded and bequeathed to the city by his great grandfather. The more Holland thinks about it, the more he feels that he has spent the last forty years fighting the wrong enemy on the wrong front. All the time while his attention was fixed on overseas fields of operation, the real war was happening at home, as his country slowly but surely surrendered control of its cities to the enemy within. Red Hill promises him the ability to focus on the fight to win back San Paro.

His lifetime of carefully-cultivated contacts - with the Feds, with the corporates, with the grandees of San Paro civic life - have proven invaluable in the swift establishing of the Red Hill Institute of Technology as a major player. He knew that San Paro's old money was quaking in its boots, and with his own money plus funding from old friends like Jemima Seindorf and Brandon Hay, RIOT had all the money it needed.

Now he's been leaning on another old friend, Jane Derren, whom he mentored after her father's death. With her blessing, Red Hill I.o.T. has been given exclusive rights to distribute an important Flu Vaccine that will help combat a potentially deadly outbreak of a new strain; at least that's the official cover.